2015 Dodge Viper Introduces New Features

2015 Dodge Viper Introduces New Features

Photo Source: http://www.roadandtrack.com/go/future-cars/future-car-news/news-2015-dodge-viper-gets-sae-certified-bump-in-power


The 2015 Viper has several changes coming its way. This includes the first models of the Dodge Viper, but not the SRT Viper. The introduction to the 2015 Dodge Viper SRT, which brings an end to the SRT brand Viper. It also includes the new GT trimline, which sits between the base Viper SRT and the Viper GTS. The Viper GT is pretty much a base Viper SRT with some GTS package features. Some of these features include driver selectable suspension system that features Bilstein DampTronic Select shock absorbers, interior with standard Alcantara or Nappa leather seats in colors available like black, demonic red, or sepia, and a 5 mode electronic stability control system, A new revamped Time Attack package is also available with two more colors options. These new colors come in a special edition package and in more power across the entire model range. The new pair of colors and returning color of competition blue. New color for the base model is yorange (little bit of yellow color and a little bit of orange color.) New colors for the Viper GTS is stryker purple (looks black in dark lighting and looks a deep dark metallic purple when in the sunlight). The ceramic blue, also known as competition blue, will only be available on unique 2015 Dodge Viper GTS Ceramic Blue Edition Package. This package includes the unique exterior paint, and interior features like carbon fiber accents and rattler wheels. Unfortunately, only 40 examples of this package will be made and available for consumers. Every Dodge car in the 2015 Viper lineup will have 645 horsepower, 600 lb-ft of torque, and a new 6th gear. According to the President and CEO Tim Kuniskis of Dodge Brand, SRT (Street and Racing Technology), and Fleet Operations, “The Dodge brand is committed to keeping the ultimate American-build exotic supercar as unique as ever by offering new packages with some of the most exclusive and high-quality content we’ve ever produced in the Viper. Our Dodge Viper customers crave new and exclusive options, which motivates our design and engineering teams to create special builds that continue to deliver our successful high-performance formula for street and track driving, while our enthusiasts to stand in their world-class supercars.”

Article Source: http://dodgeforum.com/articles/2015-viper-new-brand-trimlines-new-colors-power-better-aerodynamics/

Photo Source: http://www.caranddriver.com/photos-14q2/585730/2015-dodge-challenger-interior-photo-589892



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