Buick Is In Need Of A New Flagship

Photo Source: http://forums.motortrend.com/70/7685044/the-artists-loft/buick-flagship/page2.html
Photo Source: http://forums.motortrend.com/70/7685044/the-artists-loft/buick-flagship/page2.html

Earlier this month, GM’s North American President, Mark Reuss, said that he would like for Buick’s lineup to have a future flagship. Back in May, Reuss had said that, “something special for Buick, I think, is really needed for the next phase of where that brand is going.” GM is said to be wary of a topnotch Buick with the Cadillac brand. Dan Akerson, GM’s CEO, also stated, “We haven’t made a firm yes-or-no decision, so I want to keep the door open that we might have a [Buick] flagship. It all depends what we do with Cadillac over time.”

Article Source: http://www.autonews.com/article/20131118/OEM02/311189952/akerson-buick-could-probably-use-a-flagship#axzz2l2iX2oPY


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