Ford Announces the Ka Concept in Brazil to Build Share in Global Markets

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Today, Ford is introducing the Ka concept in Brazil. They are calling it the company’s first global entrant in the sub-B small car segment. Ford introduced the Ka in Europe back in 1996 as a three-door hatchback. The original Ka was built at Ford’s Valencia, Spain’s plant, and the second generation was built with Fiat at a Tychy, Poland factory. Today, the concept is being introduced to Brazil. Ford has not yet said when the car will go into production or be sold at. Ford’s executives say that they want the Ka to help the company’s market share grow around the world. Ford’s present of the Americas, Joe Hinrichs, said, “One of the most important product programs in the company in the last few years.” Brazil is the third-largest market for Ford. The company believes that the Ka Concept will help expand its current market share percentage in the country.  The Ka Concept was designed and built in Brazil and is smaller and less expensive than vehicles like the Ford Fiesta. Ford has not yet set a price and the Ka carries Ford’s new global design language. Ford designer Ehab Kavod stated, “It’s the smallest car we do, but when you look at it, it exudes premium.”

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