Toyota Motor Corporation Agrees To $3 Million Settlement

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Due to an accident regarding a defected Camry that caused the car to accidentally accelerate, one woman was pronounced dead and another injured. Due to this incident, Toyota Motor Corporation agreed to a settlement of $3 million for the lawsuit. An Oklahoma City jury awarded each claim $1.5 million. The jury had found that the Camry’s electronic system was defective and Toyota reacted with “reckless” disregard. The plaintiffs’ attorney announced that the terms for the settlement are confidential. Toyota had denied any defects with the owner’s, Jean Bookout, Camry, but the state court jury rejected Toyota’s defense. According to the driver of the vehicle, the car sped out of control after exiting an Oklahoma highway back in 2007 and injured her and ended up killing the passenger. This lawsuit is one of several hundred that were filed against Toyota in both state and federal courts in the United States, but this was the first that the automaker lost in an unintended-acceleration case.

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