Corvette Tours Starting Up Again

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Starting on October 14 of this year, Chevrolet will once again be conducting tours of the new and updated assembly facility in Bowling Green, Kentucky. Public visits stopped a year ago but will be starting up again with the production of the seventh-generation Corvette Stingray. The tours will be $7 a person with a mile long walk along the Corvette assembly line. The tours will be three times a day, from Monday through Friday. Also included in the tour is the Bowling Green plant’s historic heritage, which was the sole source point for the America’s original sports car opened in 1981. Also being resumed is the National Corvette Museum. This will include a private tour and vehicle presentation in the museum’s showroom. The enhanced Buyers Tour will also allow new owners to actually watch their Corvette being built and have access to restricted areas. Also included will be a Corvette Photo Album that includes documents and assembly process with the customer’s car in both words and pictures. If you’re a Corvette lover, this is the perfect event for you!

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