Volkswagen is Working on New VR6 Engine

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Volkswagen is making way with development of a new, narrow-angle V6. This engine will be a direct-injection gas engine. Fritz Eichler, new head of engine development, is the one overseeing the new engine engineering. The VR6 engine will continue to have a volume of 3.0-liters and 15-degree cylinder bank angle. But unlike the previous naturally inspired VR6, this new engine will be designed to run forced induction, with a possible twin-turbocharged setup, hinted by Volkswagen insiders.

Descriptions of the new engine are described as being less heavily tuned with the output on deck with various incarnations including a turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder, with power outputs between 340 horsepower and 450 horsepower. But if you want the most powerful version of the original VR6, go with the 3.6-liter evolution that produces 295 horsepower.

This new engine will be used in various Volkswagen models including new models in selected markets, replacements for the Passat, Passat CC, and the CrossBlue concept, numerous Volkswagen commercial vehicles, and possible the Scirocco.

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