For Sale on eBay: 1959 Goliath Express 1100 Pickup

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If you’re searching for a vintage car, we’ve got one for you! Not only is this car vintage, but it’s the only one of its kind east or west of the Mississippi. Goliath is not a very well known German company, making the 1959 Express 1000 Pickup on eBay one out of maybe three in the United States. eBay user jimmyzslc had apparently only paid $15,000 for the pickup at the time. Only issue with the truck, it needs a bit of a fix-up. This is what the seller had to say about the pickup about a year ago when he found it:

“I was intrigued enough to bid on it from a few pictures (that were over a decade old) and don’t have any remorse. I have met MANY more good people along the way. The truck is fun/neat/unique — just don’t have the room for it and think it deserves more TLC/time (and a garage) than I can afford to provide (body/paint/bed restoration) because it is so rare. I know of 1 truck in PA (euro-spec) and only very recently learned of another one in NM.”

The truck uses an original boxer engine, which is said to be underpowered. The most interesting feature about the truck is the high-mounted bed. The bed sits over the wheels arches due to post-war Borgward engineering. The reason why the eBay user is selling the 1959 Goliath Express 1100 Pickup is because he doesn’t have the time, room, or money to restore the truck. Luckily though, some parts were replaced while he had it including new tires, new ground cable installed, new battery, brake fluid replaced, carburetor was tuned-up, and a fixed-up fuel tank. This truck is looking for a loving owner who has the time and money to fully restore it. Go on eBay and make your bid now!

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