“The New 2014 F-150 SVT Raptor Special Edition”

Photo Source: http://autoworldtoday.wordpress.com/2013/04/11/2013-ford-f-150-svt-raptor-tested-and-2014-special-edition-announced/ by AutoWorldDavid on April 11, 2013

In 2012, over 13,000 Ford Raptor units were sold and went up 37% in sales. This made it the best year for this truck model. This truck is one of Ford’s best-sellers. Coming this fall, Ford will be providing the new 2014 F-150 SVT Raptor Special Edition. This luxury model will be available in two new colors including a Luxury Package. In an article by Alyshawebb on autoretailbusiness.com, Doug Scott, Fords truck group marketing manager, told several journalists that the truck, “adds a halo to the brand.” This off-road pickup will add upgrades to their interior such as a console top finish panel or new seat bolsters. Luxury models are very popular with Ford pickup trucks. Last year, Ford sold over 645,000 F-Series trucks and about 35% of them were luxury models. Over 50% of Super Duty trucks are sold as luxury models as well. The MSRP of these will start at more than $40,000. The new 2014 F-150 SVT Raptor Special Edition is expected to increase sales to over 3 million by the end of the decade.

Article Source: http://www.autoretailbusiness.com/news/ford-plans-new-top-end-raptor by Alyshawebb on April 10, 2013


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