Ford Offering $50K for Ideas on a More Fuel-Efficient Method

2013 Ford C-Max Hybrid
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Ford Motor Co., in recent months, have been receiving complaints that some of their hybrids aren’t achieving a positive fuel economy and are way below advertised miles-per-gallon. Today, the company is asking for help from hardware and software developers to help drivers figure out a more fuel-efficient method. Ford is going as far as offering $50,000 to anyone who can create such a method to encourage drivers to change their behaviors while behind the wheel.

As quoted from Jim Farley in the article “Ford Offers $50K Prize To Help Drivers Become More Fuel Efficient,” by David Kiley, “We have found that there are so many factors impacting the fuel economy people get, especially with hybrids across the industry, that we want to be the company that gives drivers the best tools to manage their own personal fuel economy.”

An example of one of Ford’s own C-Max hybrid is advertised to get 47 mpg. In reality, many members of the public and press have been complaining that the car does not get anything near that number.

Ford is very influential in the auto industry when it comes to the topic of fuel economy. There are many problems that companies are having with receiving complaints about false advertisements on their fuel efficiency. One problem is companies often only advertise higher highway fuel economy instead of the combined city and highway.

It is unusual yet an exciting experience for a car company to open up its engineering architectures in the hands of people outside the company. Ford may be the first to request help from outsiders to pitch a new solution to improve our fuel economy.

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