Offering employee benefits doesn’t have to be expensive. Let us show you how?

Auto Club USA Employee Benefit Services

Auto Club USA is proud to offer a comprehensive automotive benefit service that will help both business and their employees save time and money when in need for a new or pre-owned Car, Truck or SUV.

While many businesses today are cutting back in order to keep up with rising operating costs, employee benefits may not be the first thing on any companies mind?

Auto Club USA has the solution to answer that need for value based employee benefit services without any additional costs to your organization.

Now you can offer to everyone in your company the confidence of price protection whenever they may be in the market for a vehicle.

Through manufacture direct programs your employees are provided friends and family style pricing, saving them Thousands of dollars on virtually any Car, Truck or SUV. Many of these programs also protect against dealers charging unnecessary fee’s to the purchase or lease pricing.

Outside of protected pricing, Auto Club USA provides a full service shopping experience. No need to waste hours going from dealer to dealer to find the vehicle or to negotiate pricing, your Certified dedicated advisor handles everything.

Auto Club USA wants to be your benefit provider. Call or Email us for more information and details on how we can begin serving your employees.

Toll Free: (855) 735-2886 or


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