2013 Bentley Continental GT Review

Auto Club USA is proud to present the 2013 Bentley Continental GT super-car. With a top speed at 205 mph and a price tag starting at about $200k the newly redesigned GT offers the performance and luxury matched by very few vehicles today.

Auto Club USA

A twin-turbo W-12 continues to ensure neck-snapping performance, while a turbocharged V-8 is new and costs a bit less. The Speed returns, armed with an even-higher-output W-12. All share a handcrafted interior that’s artistic in its detailing.

Auto Club USA

What’s New
Redesigned for 2012; twin-turbo V-8 and Speed models added for 2013.

Auto Club USA

Behind The Wheel
Regardless of engine, the Conti offers a surge of power that will rocket it away from plebeian traffic. It’s heavy, but it does have impressive grip and is supremely stable and quiet, even at high speeds.

Auto Club USA


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