Stop! Listen and learn from your customers

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Thank you for visiting today. I want to share a recent experience with a new business customer who was in need of a Ford truck F250 for his Gas and Service company.

In a frantic mind set the customer was compelled to drive from dealership to dealership because the information he had received prior was different everywhere he went.

I approached this scenario with the thought of slowing the gentleman down just for a bit to understand his need to spend days going all over town for the Ford F250 pick up he needed?

It was clear that up to this point the sales people he had met were either misinformed about what he really needed or were reluctant to disclose how they came up with the price they were giving him?

After listening to his needs we determined that a particular model truck would serve both the job he needed to do and the budget he wanted to stay in.

The clincher was helping the customer understand how and why the truck was priced the way it was?

I think everyone understands that a business needs to make some form of profit to remain in business now and in the future.

I knew that providing the right information to this customer… like the vehicle invoice, and incentives the manufacture was offering gave the gentleman a better understanding on how the price I presented was good value.

People are smart and I learned that taking the time to explain and even educate a consumer makes the difference of selling a vehicle or having a customer for life.

Richard 🙂


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